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Appraisal Theory

On Appraisal Theory, and the Social uses of Psychology (Interview with Pheobe Ellsworth, Psychology)

Action Readiness

War, Love, and Emotions as States of Action Readiness (Interview with Nico Frijda, Psychology)


On Anger, Disgust and Love (Interview with Martha Nussbaum, Philosophy)


Basic Emotions

Basic Emotions and the Future of Affective Sciences (Interview with Paul Ekman, Psychology)

Brain and Emotions

The Emotional Brain, Gumbo and the Amygdaloids (Interview with Joe LeDoux, Neuroscience)

Subcortical Sources of our Cross-Species Emotional Feelings and Psychiatric Implications (Jaak Panskepp, Neuroscience)

What can the Brain Tell Us About Emotion? A Constructionist Approach to Emotion-Brain Correspondence (Kristen Lindquist, Neuroscience)

Emotion Beyond Brain Regions: Networks Generate Cognitive-Emotional Interactions (Luiz Pessoa, Neuroscience)

Imagining the Emotional Brain (Stephan Hamann, Neuroscience)


Component Process Model of Emotions

The Component Process Model of Emotions and the Power of Coincidences (Interview with Klaus Scherer, Psychology)

Conceptual Act Theory of Emotions

Why Emotions are Situated Conceptualizations (Interview with Lisa Feldman Barrett, Psychology)


The Circumplex, and the Psychological Construction of Emotion (Interview with Jim Russell, Psychology)


Decision-Making and Emotions

How Cognition Became Hot: Emotions, Decisions and Policy Making (Interview with Jennifer Lerner, Public Policy and Management)


Disgust, Racism and the Moral-Conventional Distinction (Dan Kelly, Philosophy)

On The Origin of Disgust (Paul Rozin, Psychology)

On the Expansion of Disgust (Paul Rozin & Jonathan Haidt, Psychology)

Animal Reminders, Pathogens, and Sex: Evaluating Distinct Evolutionary Theories of Disgust (Joshua Tybur & Debra Lieberman, Psychology)

The Negative Side of Disgust (Roger Giner-Sorolla & Lasana Harris, Psychology)

Defending Disgust: Why Disgust is Morally Beneficial (Jason Clarke & Philip Powell, Philosophy)


Emotional Intelligence

Reintroducing Emotional Intelligence: What it Is and Where We Stand Now (Neal M. Ashkanasy & Marie T. Dasborough, Psychology)

Emotional Intelligence: The Hype, the Hope, the Evidence (John Antonakis, Psychology)

Emotional Intelligence: Some Research Findings and Remaining Questions (Dana L. Joseph & Daniel A. Newman, Psychology)

On the Efficiency of Emotional Intelligence Training in Adulthood (Moïra Mikolajczak & Ainize Peña-Sarrionandia, Psychology)

Q & A On Emotional Intelligence With John (Jack) D. Mayer (John (Jack) D. Mayer & Andrea Scarantino,, Psychology & Philosophy)


Recent Work in the Philosophy of Empathy (Derek Matravers)

Empathy and its Development: What is Missing? (Alexandra Main)

The Therapeutic Effects of Empathy in Healthcare (Jodi Halpern)

Enactive Approach to Emotions

The Enactive Approach to Emotions (Giovanna Colombetti, Philosophy)


Facial Expressions

Understanding Multimodal Emotional Expressions: Recent Advances in Basic Emotion Theory (Dacher Keltner & Daniel Cordaro, Psychology)

The Behavioral Ecology View of Facial Displays: 25 Years Later (Alan J. Fridlund, Psychology)

Moving on from the Basic Emotion Theory of Facial Expressions (James A. Russell, Psychology)

Debate: Keltner & Cordaro vs. Fridlund vs. Russell (Dacher Keltner & Daniel Cordaro, Alan J. Fridlund, James A. Russell, Andrea Scarantino, Psychology & Philosophy)

Understanding the Face as a Dynamic Communication Tool (Rachael Jack, Psychology)

The Temporal Dynamics of Expressions (Eva Krumhuber, Psychology)



The Development of Guilt as Repair in Childhood (Michael Lewis, Psychology)

The Functions of Guilt (Michael R. Ent & Roy F. Baumeister, Psychology)

Guilt, Games, and Evolution (Cailin O’Connor, Philosophy)

The Evolutionary Puzzle of Guilt: Individual or Group Selection? (Michael J. Deem & Grant Ramsey, Philosophy)






Law and Emotions

What Roles Do Emotions Play in the Law? (Susan Bandes, Law)

Emotion in the Behavior and Decision Making of Jurors and Judges (Terry Maroney, Law)

Emotion and Criminal Punishment: In Principle and in Practice (Samuel Pillsbury, Law)

Psychopathic Brains on Trial (Eyal Aharoni & Nicole A Vincent, Philosophy)

Language and Emotions

Aboriginal Languages, and the Linguistic Representation of Emotions (Maïa Ponsonnet, Linguistics)


Passionate Love: The Forgotten Emotion (Elaine Hatfield and Richard L. Rapson, Psychology & History)

Neural Markers of Interpersonal Attraction: A Possible New Direction for Couples Therapy (Stephanie Cacioppo, Neuroscience)

Brain Circuits for Parental Behavior and Love, with Implications for Other Social Bonds (Michael Numan, Neuroscience)

Does True Love Need To Be Unconditional? (Berit Brogaard, Philosophy)


Morality and Emotions

On Emotions and Their Role in Morality (Piercarlo Valdesolo, Psychology)

Four Unwarranted Assumptions about the Role of Emotion in Moral Judgement (Nina Strohminger, School of Business)

Music and Emotions

There is More to Music than Meets the Ear (Patrik Juslin, Psychology)

How Music Grabs the Emotions (Jenefer Robinson, Philosophy)

Musical Emotions Across Cultures (Judith Becker, Anthropology)

Musical Emotions in the Brain (Patrick Vuilleumier, Neuroscience)




Politics and Emotions

How Affective Intelligence Theory Can Help Us Understand Politics (George Marcus, Political Science)

Politics Makes Us Mean and Dumb (Jason Brennan, Philosophy)

The Use and Consequences of Emotions in Politics (Kathleen Searles & Travis N. Ridout, Psychology)

Fear and Loathing in a Post 9/11 World (Samuel Justin Sinclair, Matthew Ciccone, Kelly Main, Gabrielle Arroyo, Olivia Kolodziejczak, Holly Dulaney, David Barbosa, & Jennifer Sheets, Clinical Psychology)

Positive Emotions

Are Positive Emotions Always Good for You? (June Gruber, Psychology)



Emotion Regulation

Emotion Coherence, Regulation, and Beliefs About Emotions (Iris Mauss, Psychology)


Social Engagement and Emotions

Open to Culture: Emotions in Development (Vasudevi Reddy, Psychology)

How Emotions Affect Other People (Brian Parkinson, Psychology)

The Sociology of Emotion: Emotion as Both Social Object and Social Force (Kathryn Lively, Sociology)

The Situated Perspective on Emotions: A Philosophical Roadmap (Achim Stephen & Steven Walter, Philosophy)

Exploring the Social Nature of Emotion (Gerben A. Van Kleef, Psychology)

The Roles of Emotions in Social Hierarchies (Michael Kraus, School of Management)

The Social Construction of Emotion (James Averill, Psychology)




Values and Emotions

On Emotions And Sentimental Values, With Implications For Affective Science (Justin D’Arms, Philosophy)





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