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The International Society for Research on Emotion (ISRE) is a non-profit organization founded on March 25, 26 1984 by Francois Bresson, Joe Campos, Matty Chiva, Paul Ekman, Nico Frijda, Serge Moscovici, Klaus Scherer, and Robert Zajonc. It brings together scholars from different disciplines that share an interest in emotions, moods and other affective phenomena. A distinctive feature of the society is that it tries to offer a productive discussion forum for emotion researchers in emotion reviewboth affective sciences and humanities. ISRE holds a very successful international conference every two years to showcase the latest research in anthropology, business, computer science, economics, history, law, linguistics, medicine, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, sociology and other fields. In 2009, ISRE launched its own flagship journal, the Emotion Review, which in a few years has established itself as a top journal in emotion research. It was initially edited by Jim Russell and Lisa Barrett and it is currently edited by Christine Harris. For more information about ISRE and its history, click here.



ISRE Officers

President: Arvid Kappas (Psychology), Jacobs-University Bremen, Germany
Membership Secretary: Diana Montague (Psychology), La Salle University, PA, USA
Tresurer: Yochi Cohen-Charash (Psychology), Baruch College, NY, USA
Members at Large:
 Julien Deonna (Philosophy), University of Geneva, Switzerland
; Agnes Moors (Psychology), Ghent University, Belgium
; Jan Stets (Sociology), University of California, Riverside, CA
, USA; Louise Sundararajan (Psychiatry), Rochester Psychiatric Center, NY
, USA; Michelle Yik (Psychology), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Webmaster: Ursula Hess (Psychology), Humboldt-University, Berlin, Germany
Emotion Researcher Editor: Andrea Scarantino (Philosophy), Georgia State University, GA, USA

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Opinions expressed in the Emotion Researcher are those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of ISRE or its officers.

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