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Time for new blood at the helm of Emotion Researcher! ISRE is seeking one or more new editors, who should take over in April 2017. It is a fun and highly rewarding job. Nominations of suitable candidates are also encouraged.


In this issue of Emotion Researcher, we focus on the roles emotions play in the law. We will explore the emotions of jurors, judges, defendants, attorneys and other legal actors.

Editor’s Column

Click on the post’s title to get a quick overview of the contents. Come along, there is much to enjoy in this issue on Law and Emotions!

Call for Papers

ISRE 2017 aims to present the very best in contemporary emotion theory and research. New submission deadline: Jan 10, 2017.

ISRE Matters

ISRE’s President talks about law and emotions, exploring the impact of emotion theories on our understanding of legal responsibility.

An Interview With Jim Russell

Read an interview with Jim Russell, one of the world’s leading affective scientists. Jim clarifies what underlies his trademark skepticism about traditional emotion theories, and how he came to develop the influential concept of the circumplex and psychological constructionism as a research program.


This issue’s spotlight is on Eva Krumhuber, a psychologist from University College London who studies emotional expressions, trying to understand how the dynamic quality of facial displays is used to understand their affective meaning.

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