An Interview With James Averill

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In this section of the Emotion Researcher you will find interviews with prominent emotion researchers, updated every time a new issue comes online. The interviewee of this issue is James Averill, Professor Emeritus in the Psychology Department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Click on the hyperlink title below to access Averill’s interview.

James Averill, Psychology Department, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Social Construction of Emotion: Myths and Realities

Martha Nussbaum, Department of Philosophy, University of Chicago

On Anger, Disgust, and Love

Jim Russell, Department of Psychology, Boston College

The Circumplex, and the Psychological Construction of Emotions

Jim Russell

Jennifer Lerner, Department of Public Policy and Management, Harvard Kennedy School

How Cognition Became Hot: Emotions, Decisions and Policy Making


Justin D’Arms, Department of Philosophy, Ohio State University

On Emotions and Sentimental Values, With Implications for Affective Science

Phoebe Ellsworth, Department of Psychology, University of Michigan

On Appraisal Theory, and the Social Uses of Psychology


Klaus Scherer, Department of Psychology, University of Geneva

The Component Process Model of Emotions and the Power of Coincidences

KRS photo talk

Lisa Feldman Barrett, Department of Psychology, Northeastern University

Why Emotions Are Situated Conceptualizationsfeldman barrett



Nico Frijda, Department of Psychology, University of Amsterdam

War, Love and Emotions as States of Action Readiness

younger nico


Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus in Psychology, University of California San Francisco 

Paul Ekman on Basic Emotions and the Future of Affective Science


Joe LeDoux, Center for Neural Science, New York University

The Emotional Brain, Gumbo and the Amygdaloids 




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  1. Dr Sue Gerhardt August 1, 2017 at 3:50 am

    none of your interviews seems to be accessible online

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